Jolly and Cindy (Greyhound Rescue West of England)

Jolly and Cindy are two beautiful lurchers rehomed by Greyhound Rescue West of England.

Here is an update from their proud new owners, who are now very keen to encourage other owners to consider adopting older dogs!

“Cindy & Jolly – New Forever Home from April 2006

An update from Cindy and Jolly’s new Mummy and Daddy…..

Forever sofa at last!

Cindy and Jolly have settled in well, Jolly has had some eating issues and tends only to eat half of her dinner, whilst Cindy is always there to clean her bowl for her! So supervision is always required at din dins time! Jolly is improving daily with her food, and it seems to be a case of the smellier it is the more she likes it! So regular trips to the butchers for fresh tripe, livers and kidneys are going down a treat, plus some big meaty bones, they love to while away a few hours chomping on a bone in the garden.

These two little dogs are just the sweetest most loving good girls anyone could wish to have, they are so good, only a couple of accidents in the early days due to nerves. Older dogs are so lovely, it’s so sad that so many are overlooked because of their age. They are 9 but seem more like 6 or 7.

These dogs have enriched our lives in so many ways, although they may not have as many years in them, or have as much energy as younger dogs; they are truly the cutest and most lovable dogs ever! We are allowed to be biased being their Mummy and Daddy!

We love our oldies!

They love their walkies, and Jolly loves to lope along with Daddy while Cindy goes for full on sprints, then she loves to roll around in the grass and show what a great time she is having.

Cindy & Jolly out for a walk

Cindy emits pure joy and doggy happiness and it’s wonderful to see. She really is the Queen of the sofa. Where Jolly is quietly loving and affectionate and comes up to you for love and cuddles in her own sweet way, she’s a real Daddy’s girl! She even sings to you when she gets all excited about her walkies, or is just feeling all loved up. Jolly will stand patiently whilst having a good old brush; she just loves her grooming sessions!

Thank you so much to all at GRWE for introducing these two lovely girls into our lives, they are the best and we are so happy to fill the rest of their lives with love, cuddles, walkies, treats and all things that doggies love…

Shirley & Kevin ”