Murphy the Woolly Mammoth (Oldies Club)

MurphyHome OC

We’ve had an update on Murphy Moomin who now appears to be referred to as the Woolly Mammoth!

“As promised an update on Murphy. He’s doing very well and has settled in with us wonderfully. After the initial stand off with our cats (they won!) they all mix in well together. He’s had special treats and gifts from our neighbours and a ‘welcome to the family’ card from Meg, brother in law’s dog.

Most days he goes off to the office with Chris which means a different lunchtime walk or a trip to see a client somewhere else. Murphy loves travelling in the car and if there is a hint of packing up to go out he positions himself in front of the door to make sure he is not forgotten! Some days he stays home with me and has found favourite places for a snooze whether in the garden or the house.

So far he’s been to the seaside, to a Classic Car rally, a couple of stately home parks and numerous local walks. This weekend he’s off to Somerset to visit Meg. Everywhere he goes he makes new friends and he really is a joy to have around. He still has lots of life and curiosity in him and we love the way he tilts his head on one side when you talk to him – he understands every word!

We are so pleased to have found Murphy and look forward to many happy years together!”

Thanks so much for the update. It sounds like Murphy has well and truly landed on his large hairy paws!