Online auction for the Oldies Club and Dogstar Foundation

***Online auction for the Oldies Club and Dogstar runs until Sunday 10 June***

The online auction has now started. Please visit here to check out the fantastic items on offer, which include a weekend in Cornwall a home garden design :)

The Refuge forum is very kindly holding an online auction, with proceeds to be split between the Oldies Club and Dogstar Foundation, a UK-based fundraising project providing free vet treatment to dogs in Sri Lanka :)

Oldies Club supporters are invited to take part in the auction, by donating items and/or bidding on items listed.

The Refuge Auction will start on Monday 28th May and run until Sunday 10th June, so plenty of time to find lots of wonderful items and prepare yourself for bidding on items donated :)

If you have any items to donate to the auction, please email clear photo(s) and full description. A staff member will then list the item in the auction forum, which can be found here.

Please confirm whether you will pay the postage or whether you would like the winning bidder to cover postage costs. People donating items are asked to hold onto the item until the auction is over and the item has been paid for, and then post the item to the winner directly :)

The Refuge items are generally a great deal of fun as well of course as raising funds for very deserving causes, so please join us on the auction forum. Where else can you bid on a fantastic garden design, six fresh eggs, a weekend of hard graft at a rescue, a cheap and nasty watch or a pink, fluffy rabbit pen? I’ll tell you … nowhere!

There will also be the chance to become the “adoptive parent” of a beautiful elephant such as Rani, for a year.