Penny & Bonny Russell (Oldies Club)


Penny and Bonny Russell were taken into Oldies Club care earlier this year, when their owner had to spend a lot of time abroad. They went to a lovely foster home in Gwent until August, when they found their loving new home. Here they are, on their way home in the car.


Their new family have kindly sent us the following update;

My new girls are an absolute joy and have proved to be everything you promised. They have both settled in really well and are enjoying all the home comforts. Everyone loves them, even my grand-daughter, and despite her aversion to animals she took them out for a walk with me. She was very confident and really enjoyed being with them, I think she felt very grown up!

I took them to my vet during their first week and he thoroughly approves – which was just as well as poor Bonny had another fit last thursday. Since then she has had her phenobarbitone level checked and following the results she has had her dose increased.

You’ll see from the photo’s that they have both been to the ‘hair-dressers’. Because we walk mainly in the open countryside they were coming home covered in burrs and seeds which meant they were being groomed daily and the burrs, more than anything, weren’t easy to get out without pulling – hence the hair cuts! It has proved to be a great success and I’m positive they both feel better, especially Bonny as she also seemed to get a bit hot.



They make me forget everything when I take them out, they are so busy and such fun to watch. They are the best company ever!!