Precious Paddy loves his new family! (Oldies Club)


We’ve heard from Precious Paddy‘s new family and it sounds like he’s settled beautifully:

“Although we are still waiting for delivery of our new digital camera my father took the enclosed photo of Paddy when we took him through to Edinburgh in the car to show him off.

As you can see from the picture the ever tolerant Paddy is looking at the camera but is really desperate for someone to throw his stick! He loves his walks and is endlessly forgiving of our 3 year old’s attempt to throw a stick!

Every day we walk up to school and on to playgroup where Paddy has to wait outside for 10 minutes. All the children at the playgroup pass him as they arrive and are so excited to see him. He sits very quietly until I come out again and then can hardly contain his excitement and starts padding his feet up and down at the sight of me – I have to say the feeling is kind of mutual!

We are all so happy to have the wonderful Paddy in our lives. He gets ridiculously muddy, moults everywhere and sneaks up onto my best sofa whenever I go out of the house but we wouldn’t swop him for the world. Many thanks to Liz at Oldies Club, Linda, Paddy’s foster carer and Annette, our home checker. We really appreciate what you did for our whole family!”

We’re so pleased to hear that Paddy has really landed on his paws!