Princess Chelsea in her new palace (Oldies Club)

25/01/09 We have heard the very sad news that Chelsea has passed away. Our thoughts are with her family who worshipped their beautiful princess.



We’ve heard from Princess Chelsea‘s new owner:

“After a couple of days with Chelsea we realise what a Brilliant Dog she is – and I cant say how privileged we feel to have her living with us. Today Leon learnt that she can open doors, he nipped out to the corner shop leaving them in the back room with the door to the front room closed – when he returned Chelsea was in the front room – but he thought he must have left the door ajar, again later he nipped out and it happened again – so he pretended to go out and hid behind the sofa and saw her just quite easily raise her paw and open the door. When I got home from work today both Chelsea and Smutley (our other dog) were both so pleased to see me – which was so nice to come home to.

We introduced her to the cats straight away and after a day of them all walking round with ‘fat’ tails they all seem to be getting on quite well now, the cats seem a little wary of her but this dosnt stop them from following her about and sleeping in her basket when it is vacant. Chelsea hasnt really bothered sleeping in her basket – both of them have slept on the sofa and Smutley along with Billie (one of the cats) have slept in Chelsea’s basket from time to time.

Chelsea Blanket

Chelsea and Smutley are getting used to each other – they seem much happier outside together – this morning Smutley tried to play ‘nip and chase’ with Chelsea but we obviously still have her on the lead – I was very happy to see this as it seems that he is wanting to play with her. Although Smutley makes out that he is a little grumpy with her indoors we keep finding them sleeping together when left alone.

Chelsea is very eager to learn and her road training is going well she is getting used to other people/dogs on her walks she only seems to jump up and bark at anything running towards her she seems to know ‘leave it’ which appears to stop her getting too excited about far away dogs and people.

She is slightly off her food – which I guess is to be expected with all the change etc. She seems quite picky with her eating – she has tried a little of Smutleys food but I think it was a little too rich for her and made her vomit – Leon has bought several different tinned, mixers and meats and is trying her on them to see what she likes the best to eat.

Sometimes she looks very sad and searches round for her old life – but with time and understanding we feel she will be very happy here.

Here are a few pictures we took of Chelsea and Smutley around the house and out at Sherwood Forest on sunday. Please feel free to post the photos of Chelsea on the Oldies Club website.

We’ll keep you updated with her progress and send you photos as we have them.”



We look forward to seeing more photos of this beautiful, regal lady in her new life!