Raymond (Ardley Rescue Kennels, Oxon)


Poor Raymond arrived at Ardley Rescue Kennels in an awful state. He’s now found a wonderful retirement home! We’ve received a letter from his loving new owners:

Dear Oldies Club,

A few weeks ago we saw Raymond on the Oldies website. We contacted Annabelle at Ardley Kennels, were introduced to Raymond and fell in love with him. Three days later he was a welcome addition to our family.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Annabelle and Mark of Ardley Rescue Kennels for the love and care they gave Raymond while he was in their care and for their continued support. Having visited numerous rescue centres we were very impressed with Ardley Rescue Kennels.

Denise and Chris

And this is what little Raymond would like to say:

Hello I’m Raymond and I would just like to tell you all how happy I am in my new home and feel I am settling in well. This is a picture of me with my new friend Lucy (a lively young thing!). I’m the good looking guy on the left.


This picture was taken a few days after I arrived, just over two weeks ago. I am feeling much stronger now and my hair is growing. I will keep you updated.

Please do, Raymond! We would love to hear how you’re getting on :)