Ronnie-mum & Jack-son (Oldies Club, Suffolk)


Dear Oldies Club,
We had a lovely month in Suffolk with some wonderful fosterparents and enjoyed playing with all their little doggies. Nearly two weeks ago some people came to see us and brought two big dogs to meet us. We all got on very well together and there were 8 of us running about in the fosterparents’ garden. These people decided they would like to be our new Mummy and Daddy and we went home with them.


We are feeling quite at home already and Jilly and Sammy, our new sister and brother, have been very nice to us and we have had lots of cuddles and walks.


We have enjoyed chasing the cats but Mummy and Daddy keep saying “no cats” in rather loud voices which spoils our fun a lot really. I think eventually we will have to give up chasing them but its fun while we can get away with it.
We have been very good in the night and driving around in the car. We have tested out all the chairs and decided that we no longer require the 4 doggie beds we arrived with but prefer the sofa for sleeping on most of the time but sometimes we like Jilly’s bed!


We are off to the hairdressers on Wednesday and just hope we will not feel too embarrassed to be seen in public afterwards because we have just grown our curls nice and long.
Mummy and Daddy told us that they had never had such little dogs before and they think we are really, really gorgeous and they love us to bits. Well, of course you do we thought, everybody loves us.

Thank you to the Oldies Club for looking after us and finding us such lovely fosterparents and now a new home where we will be very happy. We hope you find homes for lots more elderly doggies.