Rupert (Ark, Lincolnshire coast)



We’ve received this lovely update from Rupert the Fox Terrier’s new owner:

“It was love at first sight when I saw Rupert on the Oldies website; but he was at The Ark on the Lincolnshire coast, and I couldn’t think how I could manage to go and get him – it would have been a 6 hour journey each way. However, I corresponded with wonderful Barbara from The Ark who, in turn, got in touch with wonderful Jo from OC, and, before you could say ‘Jack Russell’ a relay had been arranged, and I was meeting wonderful Jo and Paul in some god-forsaken, deserted car park just off the M5.

Rupert had been handed in to The Ark by his middle-aged, male owner who was going to live abroad. At first, he seemed very unsettled, and was clearly missing his owner a lot. He was very manic while out walking, charging around like a mad thing, as though fearing he would be moving on again soon and so trying to pack in as many experiences as possible before the next stage of his journey.

But gradually, it must have dawned on him that he wasn’t going anywhere, and he has calmed down considerably and seems now to have left his past life behind. He loves his walks in the wide open Wiltshire countryside which surrounds our cottage, and spends a lot of the day in our secure garden, watching the pond for leaping frogs, barking at the many horses which pass on their way to bridle paths at the end of our lane, gnawing at bones, digging holes or just snoozing in the sun.

A few weeks ago, we acquired another rescue dog, Scooter, from the opposite side of the country, a dear little JR-type terrier (rather a youngie, I’m afraid), and the two of them have a whale of a time together as they share the same interests – looking down holes, investigating scents, chasing rabbits and deer etc.

Our little Chihuahua, whom we have had for 7 years, looks upon them with great disdain thinking them very silly and noisy as they rush round barking and squeaking their toys. But their arrival has made him look to his laurels – he has to eat up all his supper quickly since they breathe down his neck hoping for his leftovers, and he has to keep up with the big boys on walks so that he can be in on the act and join in the chase if they find a rabbit – he hangs around while they dive into the undergrowth in the hope that they will flush something out which will run in his direction.


Thank you so much Oldies and The Ark (and HWAR who provided Scooter) for all the excellent work you do.”