Sophie Russell (Oldies Club, W Midlands)

4/1/08 – Happy New Year wishes from Sophie Russell…

A happy new year to you all! I had a great christmas and got lots of presents. I have a teddy to sleep with and I curl up on my dad’s pillow with it every night. I also got lots to eat and tonight we watched the fireworks going off.

Tomorrow I’m going to the beach and then later we’ll be having fish and chips for tea. I can’t believe I managed to get such a good home with brothers and sisters to play with and love.

I hope 2008 is a good year for rescues so that lots of other dogs can find forever homes. I also send my love to my foster carer and to my brother Toby and hope that he’s having fun as well!

I’m hoping my dad will download some Christmas photos of me soon to put on your website.

8/7/07 – Another update from Sophie Russell….

Sophie had a caravan holiday in May and enjoyed it very much, even though it rained. She discovered that climbing into her Dad’s sleeping bag would keep her warm and cosy over night. She had a good time on the beach but insisted on picking up dead things and running around with them!

We had a bad time through the floods though! Because of the heavy rain Sophie and our other dogs weren’t able to get out into the garden for 3 whole days and they had to be taught to go in the bathroom. They found it very difficult as they’re all house trained but eventually nature won and toileting was done! The water is slowly going down now so hopefully Sophie and pals will be able to get out and about.

Sophie is a real Daddy’s girl and he calls her his “little sausage”. She doesn’t let any of the other dogs near him and curls her lip up at Merlin when he tries to get close. But at night time she loves to curl up with Merlin in his bed and she’s the only one Barney will share a chair with. She certainly has a way with the boys in this family!

We have to say we absolutely love her to bits!

Sophie was rehomed on the 24th March, and this is an update from her wonderful new family…

Just wanted to let you know how sophie russell is getting on.

We had a great journey home, and she made herself at home as soon as walked through the door, she enjoys sitting on the settee being cuddled, sleeps upstairs on the bed near to her dad.

Wwe tried her on tinned soft dog food as Mellissa said and she would not eat it so we gave her what our dogs eat and she loves it. She has even started eating veg, chips pototoes pasta and biscuits.

She is a� different dog to the one of the website,� she runs down the garden like a rocket, she enjoys swimming in the pond not that she should be in it but she thinks she can jump over it, and falls in every time.

SHe is becoming the boss of the house and loves to sit on the window sill barking at every one who walks pass.

Every night before bed she does a� circuit of the garden barking just in case some one is around, then runs�upstairs onto the bed, talks a little to us as we come up as if to say hurry up please I’m tired then curls up and goes to sleep.

She snarls at merlin if he goes near her chair down stairs but wants him to cuddle up to on a night if she doesnt want to sleep on the bed, she likes to sleep on merlins bed and he has to move over, he does get confused with these girls.

I think the home checker when she comes to visit will be surprised at the difference in her.

Julie and sophie russell