Toby Russell (rehomed 24/3/07)

Toby is wonderful and has settled in just fine. He follows us both around like a little shadow and goes to sleep on our knees (and snores) he is sat on my knee at the moment. He has a basket at the end of our bed and likes to hide slippers in there at night. We have got him a new treat ball as he loved his old one so much and he has been running around with Greg’s football in his mouth which looks rather amusing as it is quite large compared to Toby!

He doesn’t make funny squeaky noises when he goes out for walks now as we got him a little harness that doesn’t pull on his neck. Melissa said she gave him sardines for breakfast so we have bought a supply and he has special dog food for supper to help his joints and things. He is enjoying the Derbyshire countryside, we have let him off the lead once but it took a while to get him back on it so we will wait until he is more used to us. He is such a special little dog and we are so happy to have him with us.

We think the work that the oldies club does is amazing and foster carers like Melissa do a great job. I know they were sad to see Toby go but they have no need to worry about him, he is happy getting all the fuss and attention, his tail barely stops wagging.