Tommy’s in paradise (AARU, Nottingham)

November 2007: We are very upset to hear that Tommy has passed away. Read this tribute sent to us by AARU.


9/7/2007 We have heard the most wonderful news. Tommy has found a new home in North Wales after his new owner saw him on the Oldies Club website.

AARU representatives are absolutely delighted for Tommy as the type of home he required is in very short supply. He’s a very lucky boy and, judging by his expression in the photos we’ve been sent, we think he knows it!




Tommy has 4 other rescue dogs for company and acres of land to roam in – absolutely perfect for him. He settled straight away after being introduced to the other dogs one at a time, and even met 2 goats.

AARU have subsequently received a number of updates from his new owner letting them know that he’s settled unbelievably well and that his owner is in love with him already.

This gorgeous boy has finally got the permanent home that he deserves and we are delighted for him!