A message from Jade! (Oldies Club)


Mitch and Jade were recently offered a permanent home by their lovely foster carers. We’ve recently received this message from Jade:

Mitch and I have found a new forever home in the country. All the humans here wear ‘wellies’ all the time. That means we spend half the day chasing round the fields, exploring the hedgerows and splashing in the river getting really really muddy. We love it! (see photo) We are using up lots of energy and shedding quite a few pounds at the same time.

We have plenty of admirers, human and canine, though we tend to ignore the latter. Mitch may give a tentative woof if an outsize labrador comes along but I just look the other way.

Our one complaint about our new owners is that they don’t seem as keen as we are to play ball at 6 o’clock in the morning! But they have kindly bought us a new ramp to help us get up into the car and next week we are going for a hair and beauty treatment to make us look pretty for Christmas.

We are hoping Santa Paws will bring us a few tennis balls as we keep losing ours in the long grass. Our new Mum says we’d never make sniffer dogs which is just as well because we quite like it here!

Wags and licks


Isn’t Jade a clever girl ;)