Alice is still adorable! (Oldies Club)


We’ve received this lovely update on Adorable Alice:

Adorable Alice was her description on the Oldies website and it couldn’t be more apt. Alice was at home from the moment she came through the front door. She had quite a lot to cope with – a rather larger doggie companion and four cats! She naturally has an assertive nature, but had to learn to fit in with her new family, find her place and very quickly did so. She was clearly happy from the start and we believe she sensed this was to be her permanent home. All the animals adore each other and curl up together, particularly when they think we aren’t looking!

Alice is an 11 year old small terrier who thinks she is still a puppy. She’s a fun loving little dog who loves her walks in the fields around our home, loves playing with toys and particularly likes to finish off anything left in the cats bowls. She is the behaviour police and keeps all the cats in order and patrols the perimeter of the garden regularly! She’s a very busy dog. She is so loved by her new family and has brought such joy with her. It’s always difficult to lose a much loved pet, but giving Alice a home has brought happiness to her and absolute joy to us.

Best wishes