Bailey has a young girlfriend to chase! (Oldies Club)


We’ve heard from Bailey‘s new family:

Bailey has settled down well. He is far more relaxed and he is very happy and very fit. It is hard to believe he is 10 years old.

He has a very large garden to run in, he plays chase with Rosie and he wins even though she is only 1. He is still a food thief and I am sure he always will be, but on the plus side, the clearing up after meals gets done a lot quicker. He loves the grandchildren and follows them around everywhere.

To any dog lovers reading this, who are contemplating adopting a dog, please look at Bailey. Taking on an older dog as a companion is a great idea. Rosie is very happy to have a friend to play with. The Oldies Club give a very sensible and honest assessment of the dog and I highly recommend them.

All the very best. Jenny & Terry

Thank you for your kind comments – we are delighted to hear that Bailey has found such a great new home!