Bonnie and Suki at home with their new friend, Ed! (Oldies Club)


3/09/09   Bonny and Suki are now able to be let off the lead and are having a wonderful time on their walks.  These are some news pictures showing their new found freedom.



And having a rest afterwards!!    Lucky dogs, what a fantastic time they’re having.



11/08    Bonnie and Suki‘s foster mum has received an update on them from their lovely new owners:

As you can see from the pictures our two beautiful girls have settled in
really well with my old boy Ed!

They love relaxing with us all on the sofa and even begin the night joining us on our bed – however, as soon as they are told to get in their own bed,
which is beside ours, they are both very good at doing so and sleep really well throughout the whole night.

Bonnie was a little fussy with her food but we have gradually changed it for something that she really seems to enjoy – and Suki, well …. her food is almost gone before the others have made a start!! They are also spotlessly clean in the house.

They love their walks morning and evening and some longer country walks at the weekend and they are great with both Gary’s two children and my two nephews – who all think they are wonderful!

At times they are still a little wary of Ed, but he can be a bit of a clumsy boy and thinks that if something is lying down… it is just fine to step all over it!! Unfortunately having only one eye and being quite deaf, it’s taking him a while to get the message!

However, we are really pleased with the way in which they have all settled in together. They are so lovely and calm. We are so glad we decided to home from the Oldies Club and were able to offer this wonderful pair a loving, forever home, together.

Thank you all so much.