Bouncer loved his new life (Oldies Club)


Update 13/10/2008 We are very sorry to have to pass on this extremely sad news from Bouncer’s owner:

I am very sad to report that Bouncer passed away on Friday 10th October at 16:04 hours.

He had been very poorly for a number of weeks and unfortunately his health began to seriously deteriorate in the days leading up to Friday. In the end, and under the strong advice of the vet, I had to make the heartbreaking decision to let him go, as he was no longer enjoying any quality of life.

In the past four weeks Bouncer and I had become a permanent fixture at the vets and we had tried absolutely everything in a bid to make him better. This included courses of antibiotics, steroids and sessions of acupuncture. Unfortunately he did not respond to any of these treatments and the vet suspected that he had developed a brain tumour, which was effecting his coordination and causing him to completely lose his appetite. He then began to find it difficult to walk and was unable to do anything other than lie around looking very depressed. For this reason the vet and I decided that it would be kinder to allow him to pass on.

Making this decision was the hardest thing that I have ever had to do, but I am confident that Bouncer is now in a much better place.

Despite only having a few months with Bouncer, I am very grateful for the time that I had with him as he was sweetest dog I could ever have wished for. He was an absolute joy to be around and he is very sorely missed by me and my family. Even the cats seem to be pining for him.

I hope that this story does not deter people from considering adopting an older dog like Bouncer, as I can honestly say that I do not regret one single day that I spent with him, even during the harder times. Older dogs deserve the chance to find loving homes too and they have so much love and appreciation to offer in return.

I’d like to thank the Oldies Club for offering me support during this very difficult time and for giving me the opportunity to adopt such a fantastic dog in the first place.



Sleep tight beautiful, special Bouncer.


20/9/2008 We’ve heard from gorgeous Bouncer who found himself a lovely new home at the grand old age of 16 years!

Hi to all at the Oldies Club

I thought I would just send you a quick letter to let you know how I have been settling in to my new home. Well, I have been here for just over six-weeks now and it has taken me no time at all to find my feet, or should I say paws! The resident felines are a bit on the anti-social side, but I am quite happy to ignore them and occupy my time with more important and pressing issues, like walks and meal times!

My new Mum (who is actually 86 canine years younger than me) absolutely adores me, as does everybody else fortunate enough to meet me. I have become a bit of a local celebrity in my new town, famed for my age and good looks! Fellow oldies (of the human kind) seem to gravitate towards me wherever I go, and they are always complementing my Mum on how lovely I am.

I have a good network of canine companions that I meet regularly on my walks, and a neighbourly German Shepherd even decided to let himself into the house today to say hello!

I recently got to meet the rest of my new family at a barbeque and made quite an impression on all present. I was even treated to a few sneaky sausages when Mum wasn’t watching! Needless to say, I am very much looking forward to the next family gathering.

I’d like to say a big thank you to the Oldies Club for looking after me during my time in need and I promise to write regularly to keep you up-to-date with how I am getting on.

Speak to you soon.

Lots of love
Bouncer xx