Daisy’s new life (Oldies Club)


We’ve heard from Daisy‘s new owner:

Daisy is my first ever dog – been thinking about it for years but was never living the right life until now. Daisy has enhanced my life SO much. She is the best dog and we fit together so well, both being laid back, and happy to spend hours snoozing on the sofa together. She is unbelievably good – I feel SO lucky to have found her. I just can’t understand why she wasn’t snapped up months before.

The minute I saw her photo, read her write-up (and saw her video!) I knew she was The One for me, and when I contacted Oldies and they said she was reserved I felt devastated! As fate would have it, it fell through and so she became mine. The worst bit was taking her away from her happy foster home, where she was SO loved.

She is so gentle with people that I’m thinking of getting her assessed to be a ‘PAT’ dog so I can take her into old people’s homes, the local hospice etc. But I have to have had her for 6 months for that.



I really enjoy our walks together (unless we come across a cat!) even in this freezy cold weather.


I try hard not to spoil her – very hard sometimes when she looks at me with those eyes!


Everyone at the Oldies Club was so fond of Daisy, and we are therefore delighted to see her looking so settled in her new home!