Deefer – a working collie cross? (Oldies Club)


We’ve heard from Deefer‘s new owner. Deefer has an important job working at a veterinary surgery…

Deefer could also be known as Default as he kind of is. I was initially drawn to the current dogs of the month but on enquiring found they were being homechecked, would I be interested in anyone else?? So I had another look at the site and there he was – the big guy. Now I am the first to admit he isn’t the most photogenic which may explain why he’d had no enquires at all at that stage!

We had a slightly shaky start with he and Jonny (the cat, not Wilkinson sadly) not getting on too well, mainly Jonny’s fault I might add, but they’ve settled down brilliantly now (see photo!).

He’s rather bigger than I was looking for, at 30kgs, but that just means there’s more to cuddle. He’ll climb up on the settee with me at night & snuggle up. He is an absolute joy on walks, absolutely loves his ball and is a perfect gent to all we meet, unless I stand & chat too long then he’ll bark his head off to chivvy me along.

He comes into work at the vets with me & snoozes under my desk & laps up the attention from the clients.

So, if anyone out there is undecided on an oldie, please don’t be put off by a photo, the foster mums do a fantastic job and will really bring out the best in these poor guys who really shouldn’t be starting again at their time of life.



Isn’t it great to see Deefer looking so settled!