Jack Westie (Oldies Club)



We’ve heard from the new owners of sweet little Jack Westie:

Jack has settled in well, has made friends with Smoggers our British Blue cat who has owned the house for at least 10 years.

He enjoys a lie in on the bed in the mornings following a quick trot around the garden.

He has stolen the cats large comfortable bed, but not a problem as Smoggers now has a new bed, Smoggers is pleased with his new bed.

Jack says “I love going out in the car and now I have lost a little weight find standing on my back legs to look out of the window no problem. I am able to get about very well and my hips do not give me any problems. Message from my new Mum and Dad, he is a lovely gentle old chap who has become part of the family, the grandchildren love to see him as he loves to see them.”

He certainly is very much loved by us all.


It’s great to hear from you Jack!