Jasper & Jessica (Oldies Club)


December 2008 We are devasted to have to share the news that Jasper has very sadly passed away. We hope that Jessica will be OK without him.


September 2008 We’ve had another update from Jasper and Jessica’s owner. Here are a few snippets:

They both seem happy and well and Jasper is now 17.5 kilos and as a result I’ve increased his food and Jessie is 19 kilos.

On the vets advice i’ve cut their main walk down to 45-60 mins most of which is off the lead in one of 4 local parks/woods. I’ve tried to keep to the same route each time in case Jasper went on one of his long runs so that he knew where to find me and Jess but its had an unexpected benefit for Jess who has got very good at cutting corners and taking short cuts on the days she is a bit tired. Also both of them are still very very good at finding any food around! so its good exercise for me monitoring them all the time to check they dont pick up anything.

They still love their sleep and in a couple of the photos you can see Jess in her favourite place: a old very thick duvet in the corner of the lounge and jasper in his: a chair by the window (Initally i was determined to keep them off the furniture but that only lasted for the frst 30 mins of their first day with me! now they go anywhere they want except on the beds).





Jasper and Jessica came into Oldies Club care when their owner’s circumstances changed. They arrived at their Plymouth foster home in April 08 and after a few months of waiting they found a lovely new home with Andrew, who has kindly sent us this update;

Here are some photos of Jasper and Jessica (recovering from this morning’s walk) and an update.


I’ve registered them with my vets and they are impressed at how well they both look. Thanks to their foster family their weight loss is going really well – Jasper is almost down to his target weight and Jessie has just over 2 kilos to go.


Both dogs seem very happy and have settled into a routine – they get up at 5.30am (even at weekends!!) and we go for a 60-90 minute walk/run in the local park (they run off the lead, I walk!). Both stay close, but Jessie is always keen to socialise or chase squirrels and rabbits. Jasper likes to run the entire circumference of the park on his own while Jessie and I wait. I’m also very careful not to walk near bins or barbecue areas as neither of them can resist investigating!


Jasper and Jessica spend most of the day sleeping, but always seem happy to go for their walks. Jessie has less energy than Jasper, so she takes her time.

I bought a dog ramp for them because my car has a very tricky hatchback. After a day of coaching both dogs can use it happily, but they have a habit of stopping dead at the top of the ramp and blocking the one following – I’m trying to train them out of this!


The briefing I got from their foster mum and dad was really useful as they both did exactly as described – Jasper sleeps beside the bed whilst Jessie sleeps downstairs – unless there’s very heavy rain or thunder.

Thanks for the opportunity of adopting Jasper & Jessica – they are lovely dogs.

Oldies Club would like to thank Andrew for giving these two great dogs a wonderful new home!