Magnificent Meg (Oldies Club)


Last weekend, Meg‘s foster carer went to visit her in her beautiful new home. Everyone went for a nice walk along the beach, and a very excited and bouncy Meg showed new Oldies Club foster dog FeeBee how much fun it is to go for a swim in the sea!

Her new owner has written this lovely letter to the Oldies Club:

Magnificent Meg has settled well and adores her walks beside the sea. Probably because her eyesight isn’t too good, it took her a whole week to discover that the large expanse of grey stuff beside the beach was WATER. Since then she hasn’t looked back. Whenever the tide is in, she goes for a swim and paddle and nobody could be in any doubt that she absolutely loves being in the water. When the tide is out, she likes running on the sand and chasing the seabirds off.

Meg and Fee

She is such a lovely, gentle and affectionate girl for whom food is probably the most important thing in life. However, her foster carer managed to get her weight down quite substantially and the good work has continued. Meg now seems to be about the right sort of weight and, with lots of exercise, is fit and muscular with amazing amounts of energy. She loves having her Frisbee thrown for her but is reluctant to hand it over once she’s got it! Overall, she behaves more like a 6 year old than a lady of double that age.

She is very good with other dogs and has made friends with the little Westie that lives next door. Thanks to the communicating gate and understanding neighbours, the dogs chase each other around both gardens. Meg also indulges in the occasional mad turn by running around the garden in circles all by herself. She is such a pleasure to have around and everybody who meets her loves her. Life would be so much less interesting and pleasurable without her in it!