Naz and chums (Oldies Club)


Snazzy Naz had been with Oldies Club for some time, so we were delighted when he found a lovely new home with Tina and her little menagerie!

Tina has sent us this heart warming update:-

Well Naz has been with me now since the end of March and I honestly can’t imagine life without him. He’s a gentle giant whom I and the rest of my animal family adore. In fact, everyone who comes into contact with him, adores him.

Hope, my smallest dog, thinks she’s boss and Naz takes it all in his stride, although she’s much better than she used to be. So if anyone is thinking of adopting a dog and their existing pets don’t seem to get along, DONT GIVE IN, keep trying and I’m sure the end result will be a happy family.

My other dog Cherry looks like a much smaller version of Naz and she adores him, as do my cats. I would never again have a puppy, after seeing all the beautiful ‘oldies’ that need homes. You don’t alway have them very long, but the love and joy you can share is worth it. Somehow they just seem a little more appreciative!


Naz loves his walks and greets everyone he meets with affection. The first few nights he slept outside my bedroom door, until he worked out he could open the door and sneak in! Now he lays next to my bed, but he doesn’t disturb me and seems to know when I’m awake in the morning – as I open my eyes he is sitting there patiently wagging his tail and waiting for his morning cuddle!


I’d like to thank Oldies Club for allowing me to adopt Naz and thanks to the foster carers who looked after him before he came to me. They welcomed me into their home on visits to Naz and gave me lots of useful information and help.

Oldies Club would like to say a BIG thankyou to Tina for giving Naz a wonderful new home!