Roly and Snoopy, happy and settled (Oldies Club)


Before coming into Oldies Club care, Roly and Snoopy were only used to living outside. They soon adapted to the indoor life at their foster home, in fact they settled so well that their foster mum fell head over heels and couldn’t let them go anywhere else. She’s kindly sent us an update on their happy ending:

Roly and Snoopy arrived in September 2007 as my 8th & 9th foster dogs for the Oldies Club. Both dogs had lived mainly outside in kennels all their life and so to come to a home where they were going to live indoors was a massive lifestyle change for them. Roly especially was very timid and seemed to be afraid of everything especially seeing other dogs when he was out and very nervous with visitors. But something clicked with Roly & me on day one and I knew he trusted me and looked to me to show him everything was going to be OK. Snoopy was a little anxious and seemed unsure of what was expected of her, where would she sleep, would she get fed, was it OK to follow you upstairs.

A few months on and how things have changed! Both love living indoors lounging in their beds following us around to see what we are up to. When I think back to how Snoopy (now also known as: Batfink & Dooples ) used to sit shaking at the top of the stairs if she went up, too scared to come down, to how she is now running up & down lots of times a day so full of confidence. She loves people and is even starting to play with the odd dog that takes her fancy when we are out and about! Other things that we take for granted like watching television they were just not used to and barked, especially at dog borstal. Now they just point their paws in disgust at the naughty dogs!

They really look forward to their walks and are so well behaved coming back the minute they are called (well most of the time!) Roly (now also known as Roo Roo & Chewbacca) is still timid around other dogs but has stopped trying to bolt for home when he sees one and instead sits behind me tapping my leg (can we go please mum? he is such a mummy’s boy!) He is still timid with people too but has managed to make a few human friends.

Both dogs are so full of love and like to let you know about it, they are so affectionate and when they tap your leg for fuss it is impossible to resist. Their tails wag all the time and I just know they are content and happy. I am so grateful this pair of oldies gave us a chance to love them they have coped with so much change so well.

I never thought I would ‘fail’ as a foster carer, I tried so hard to resist these two but they have been such a pleasure to look after and have blossomed so much I just couldn’t fight it! I would urge anyone with a space in their life to foster or adopt an oldie, they still have so much to give and can and do adapt to a new lifestyle.

So thank you Oldies Club for entrusting their care to me…but you can’t have them back…we are smitten and get the feeling its kind of mutual!

And a message from Snoopy (Roly is too scared to write):

“My brother Roly and I were so scared when we came here (yes we are half brother and sister despite the fact I’m so pretty and he is a scruff!) we hadn’t lived in a house before and there were lots of scary things we hadn’t seen before, we need not have worried as life has turned out just fine. At first we didn’t like going for a walk because there were so many people and dogs around but now we don’t mind at all & just get on with enjoying ourselves.

Mum does have to leave us to go to work for a few hours but she says it is to keep us supplied with treats and we love them so are very good when she goes out and always get left something nice. We get lots of fuss, me from everyone because everyone wants to pet me and if they don’t well I just tap them until they give in! Roly is getting better at mixing with people but he mainly sticks to mum, she is such a pushover to get a walk or a treat from we just go over together and smile at her and she caves in!

We don’t like the hoover but I am partial to a spot of telly now and like barking along to some of the music Harriet plays. Life is very good here and we love our comfy beds and food – we have made them very happy and they are always smiling at us and stroking us so it is just as well mum decided we were staying – I don’t know what they would do without us!

Love Snoopy (although they call me some other weird names too!)”