Toby Terrier (Oldies Club)


Adorable little Toby Terrier has sent us an update on his new life!

“My name is Toby and I have been re-homed! Nearly 3 months now I have been living with a couple (Matt and Karen) in Wiltshire and have settled quite quickly. It is a bit different being down south as I am a ‘Northern Lad’ but there is plenty to do to help me feel at home … lots of walks to choose from too. There is also a local pet food shop on the high street, to be sure I have made firm friends with the owner, lots of treats!!! I also go training once a week, more for them than me I suspect as I am a star pupil (on the days that I want to join in)!

I spent my 10th birthday having a lovely day out with Matt and Karen, boy I cannot believe that I am that old, as I certainly do not feel it, well only slightly perhaps after an afternoon sleeping. Also, over the 3 months I have made sure all our family and friends know my little ‘set ways’; grumbling at the front door (hence my nickname of
‘Grumble Weed’) or sitting in the middle of a walk way when I don’t want to go any further on my walk (well I only have little legs).


The pictures I have sent are of my first holiday in Norfolk. As you can see I have just shown Matt and Karen that I LOVE water, though not out of my depth too much (hence why Karen joined in). Also I met Matt’s parents dog, a black lab called Tazzy … what fun!

Well, I would like to finish these fews words by saying THANK YOU to the Oldies Club for rehoming me with these two and I know that they are very much smitten with me. We all look forward to a long happy future together as a family.

Many doggie thanks and keep up the great work that you all do.


Thank you for your letter and photos, Toby!