Appeal: Oldies Club takes on dogs rescued from appalling conditions in Ireland

Update 12 January: Happy has now moved to a foster home :)

Update 6 January: Very sad news :-( After doing so well, Shamrock became very poorly and had to be rushed to the vets, who believed he had a massive internal bleed :-(( Shamrock has very sadly gone to the Bridge :-((

Thank you to everyone who has supported these two lovely dogs with donations for their care. Happy is still doing well and we’ll update on her soon.


*Update 11 Dec 2009* Poor Happy and Shamrock are very poorly and at the vets in intensive care. If you would like to make a donation towards their care, please read below for details. Thank you for your support.

Oldies Club is launching this appeal to raise funds towards the care of two elderly dogs with a very sad tale to tell.

Shamrock, a black and tan Lab/collie cross, and Happy, a small terrier cross, are two of the dogs rescued from horrific conditions in Ireland recently.

After their owner died, over 20 dogs were discovered living in dreadful conditions, kept in small wooden crates that they had seemingly not been able to leave for years. The dogs were in poor physical condition, with nails grown into their pads, urine burns, bald patches etc. and were also understandably frightened and bewildered.

The vets in Ireland were planning to put the older dogs down, convinced no-one would want them, but rescue people asked for a chance to try to find rescue spaces for them in the UK and urgently set about trying to save these dogs’ lives.

Oldies Club was contacted and quickly agreed to help a number of the older dogs. Towards the end of November 2009, a collie cross and terrier cross made the long journey to the UK.

The terrier cross was given the name Happy by the vets as she enjoyed being petted and held; while the collie cross was given the name Shamrock after he arrived in the UK. Both dogs are currently being cared for in kennels in the UK on behalf of Oldies Club, until they are ready to be fostered/adopted. The kennels alone will cost the charity almost £500 a month for the two dogs.

Sadly both dogs have presented health problems due to their previous living conditions/lack of care.

Shamrock has an ear infection and is currently on antibiotics. He has had bad mange at some time in his life but this seems to have mainly cleared up. He has no movement in his hip, and possibly other problems (maybe ligament damage) in the leg that he is lame on, so he is now on painkillers and is likely to need an x-ray to see if he requires an operation.

Poor Shamrock also has a bad heart murmur which the vet wants to monitor before deciding whether he needs medication. In addition he has possible prostate problems, which means he will be castrated as soon as possible. On a more positive note, although Shamrock was very frightened and confused at first, he is coming round with the help and patience of the kennel staff and has been trying to play a little in his kennel, which is wonderful news.

Happy’s teeth are in an awful state so she is on antibiotics to clear up any active infection and will be having a dental very soon. The poor girl’s knees are not good and she is on painkillers/anti-inflammatories to keep her comfortable for now, with the vet to see how she manages with rest and good care, before deciding if she needs any other treatment

Oldies Club does not yet know the full extent of the dogs’ health problems or the veterinary treatment that will be needed. Money donated to this appeal will be used for the kennel fees and veterinary bills for Shamrock and Happy.

If you would like to make a donation to this appeal, you can do so via PayPal – either by using the PayPal button on the Oldies Club website:, or by sending your payment to If you opt to send the PayPal donation as a gift, we will not be charged fees, meaning more money will go towards helping these dogs.

Alternatively, if you would prefer to send a cheque, please make it payable to Oldies Club and post it to our treasurer at:

49A Kinross Close
Cinnamon Brow

Please make a note that your donation is for the Happy Shamrock Oldies Club Appeal.

Thank you so much, your support is very much appreciated. We will update with more information on Happy and Shamrock and their progress as it becomes available :-)

**NB: Any amount donated over and above the amount required to care for these two dogs, will be used to help other older dogs in the charity’s care.**

This appeal has also been launched on facebook.