Argyle, sniffing his way to happiness


Adorable Argyle has settled happily in his new home.  His new owners have sent us this message:

“It has been several weeks since we adopted Argy, and he has settled in so well.  Even the less than successful first meeting with our cat has not changed our mind, or his, that this is his forever home, (and the cat agrees). 


He still has a few ‘quirks’, for example, he takes about 15 minutes to cover the first 100yds  of his runs whilst he sniffs every leaf, twig and blade of grass, then takes of at a terrific rate of knots, that keeps me almost trotting to keep up, then he slows down to an amble to finish his morning exercise.    However he has stopped zig zagging from one side to the other, so we’re happy at that.    


 He also chooses to sleep in the confined space between the sofa and the coffee table, a ‘quirk’ his foster family had prepared us for.  He has brought an enormous amount of pleasure to us, and he is a loving,  gentle old boy, we feel very priviledged to be able to have him with us.    Kind regards, Anne.”


What a happy ending for everyone.  Argie has got the loving new home he so deserves and his owners clearly adore him.

25.12.09.   Argie has sent us Christmas kisses and a new picture of him i9n charge of his car.  His owners write  “Argie has had a lovely Christmas, plenty of visitors to fuss him, and think he’s gorgeous. He wasn’t fazed by the snow, although he was somewhat unsure when it turned to ice, didn’t stop him going out though.        He still loves his morning ‘trot’, I still have to do the same to keep up, but his evening one is now a gentle amble around the village checking out his favourite gates and front doors where he knows there’s often a treat for him.    We’re happy to report that he and the cat eat together, sleep together, and are all in all ‘mates’.  He likes to scrape his duvet bed up into a heap, then it’s ready for hin to get comfotable,( with his back against the wall).  He now comes out with me when i’m doing deliveries all over Kent, so plenty of
different types of runs to keep him interested.   We took him to the beach a few months ago, and he went straight into the water as if to the manor born.    More of that for him when the weather warms up.”

2.12.10   It was lovely to receive a Christmas update from Argyle’s mum and dad.  It seems as though he’s still really enjoying life and is being thoroughly cossetted.  Here’s what his mum has to say:
“I  am really pleased to be able to send some pictures and let you know how things are going for Argyle.   When he started to find the steps a bit of a problem, my husband made a ramp for him, and as you can see he still has what his fosterers called his Naomi Cambell walk!

However, as the weather has started to get colder, his arthritis is causing him some problems. Thank goodness our vet is helping to keep him as mobile as possible, and Argie still enjoys sniffing his way ’round the garden.    As you can see from the photo, he and the cat are inseperable, if he’s outside so is she. Their food bowls are next to each other, and they like to go to sleep close to each other.

His health is certainly not as good as it was in the warm weather, but he gets a lot of pleasure from just laying stretched out in front of the fire. So we’re making the most of his time with us. Our very best wishes to you, and all the wonderful people that work tirelessly with you to give these precious dogs a new life.”