Barney the gentle giant (Oldies Club)


20/07/09  Barney has been on his hols.  We’ve just had this update from his family.

Barney has just returned from a family holiday in the Isle of Wight.  Bumble loved swimming in the sea although Barney preferred just to paddle.  He loved the daily walk through the wood down to the beach and broke into a trot when he reached the sand!  Barney is much loved by his family. He is now 15+ years old!

barney2   Barney and Bumble


8/2/09 We’ve received an amusing update from Barney’s family this week!:

We had a lot of snow in London and Barney has spent the day pottering in it! When it got really heavy he started cantering round the garden barking at the falling snow. He was rearing up and trying to catch it in his mouth. He then snuck out when no one was looking and ate all the bread I left for the birds and then the carrot nose and tomato buttons on the snowman we built!



December 2008 We’ve received the lovely photo of Barney below, and heard about his plans for the Christmas holidays:


Barney is going to be spending Christmas 2008 with his family in Hampshire (full of country walks & wonderful smells!) and then onto a remote part of North Wales with sheep to play with (and lots more interesting smells no doubt!). He is now 15 (we think) and is amazingly fit and healthy – an incredible boy all round! Currently fast asleep and snoring on his bed next to Bumble (our other Lab).

We are so pleased that Barney has such an interesting life with a loving family for his senior years.


August 2008 We’ve received another holiday photo from Barney. Isn’t this lucky old lad having a wonderful retirement!

His mum has told us:

“I wanted to send a photo for the Oldies Club website. Here is Barney (on the right) and Bumble on their Summer holiday in Somerset. Despite it being August it wasn’t as warm as usual but Barney chose a great spot for his bed next to the aga! The cottage was in the middle of 400 acres of farmland so perfect for long walks and great farm smells! Barney has lost some weight and loves a long walk everyday – quite impressive for a 15 year old!”



3/6/08 Barney has sent us a new photo of himself, posing with his beautiful family, on holiday in Hay on Wye. Barney’s the handsome one on the right:


Barney’s mum has told us:

“Just back from a few days in Hay on Wye and thought I’d send a pic for the website. Actually managed to get our other Lab Bumble in the pic after they had both charged up this hill together! We all had some fabulous walks as the house was set deep in the countryside and was surrounded by these wonderful fields.”

Isn’t Barney a very lucky old boy! :)



11/5/08 We have received an update from Barney‘s lovely new owners:

“We adore Barney! He’s an amazing dog all round. Given his years he is amazingly fit now and happy to go for long walks every day, and still continues to potter around the garden when we get home! He only really rests when everyone has gone to bed. He’s wonderful with other dogs, small children and adults alike. We are sooooo lucky to have him. Didn’t manage to snap our other dog in these pics (Bumble our 7-year-old girl lab) as she kept running off!”


We are very pleased to hear Barney is doing so well, and hope for more happy updates in the future :)