Bruno bounces back


Bruno was posted on the Oldies Club site by Animal Helpline Dog Rescue, Cambs.  He’d was in a really bad way but his story had a very happy ending as his fosterers fell head over heels in love with him and decided to keep him.  We’ve just had this lovely message from them.


Although we were not looking for a new dog to replace our beloved Chocolate Labrador Rolo (also spotted on the Oldies website) on a trawl through the Oldies website for old times sake (!) this particular oldie very much caught our eyes.  We hoped someone else would step in and rescue him but as the weeks went on he stayed on the list for adoption.  We rang the rescue and offered, fairly reluctantly I have to say, to have him as a foster dog.  He soon melted our hearts as he asked for nothing from us and expected nothing.  He also tried to please us often by doing funny
little dances and then trotting back to his bed – we wondered if he could have been used on the streets as a begging dog.  He kept his independence for a few weeks and then realised we genuinely loved him for being himself and gave us his heart.  How could we pass him on after that gift!  We never thought in such a short space of time we would be saying what a perfect dog he is, above all our previous oldies, but he is.  Why we picked him out from all the other needies on the site we will never know but we are so glad he was placed on the Oldies site that day or else we never
would have found him.  As with all oldies its been touch and go as to whether he was going to pull through several times due to the neglect he has suffered but its been well worth the agony each time he has bounced back and lived to enjoy the next day.  
Bruno baby – we love you!    Thank you Oldies Club.


What a lovely story.  We hope they all have a long and happy life together.