Ebony – troop inspector extraordinaire


Gorgeous Ebony was rehomed by Plantation Dog Rescue, East Yorks after over two years waiting for a home, to a lovely couple in Hampshire who have contacted us to let us know how Ebony is doing.   Her new mum writes:

“She is quite simply the best thing that we have ever done.  Ebs has settled marvellously well and is a real pleasure to have at home.  There is nothing better than getting home to her after a hard day at the office.  My husband works in the military so quite often Ebs will go with him to work and is thoroughly enjoying her new found status checking out the troops!  She also comes with us diving at the weekends and although we haven’t tempted her into the water as yet she loves being part of our dive group and is now considered the Team Mascot!.”




It sounds as though Ebony has the perfect home now and is clearly having a wonderful time.   What a lucky girl.  We’re looking forward to photos of her in her diving kit – or maybe her military uniform!