Ernie tells us about his holidays! (Oldies Club)


10/10/09 – Some more news from little Ernie who recently celebrated his 13th birthday!:

Hello everyone, it was my birthday on 7th October and I was 13 years old. My Dad bought me a new Fetch toy and some treats and a nice lady sent me a birthday card with some money for my Dad to buy even more treats! My Mum and Dad are taking me on holiday next week to Devon. We have a nice cottage near the beach so I can chase seagulls, like I do at home. Here are some new pictures of me;

Waiting for the postman to bring my birthday card

Me at the seaside

Me after my bath – Dad didn’t like my new “eau de seagull” aftershave!


15/6/09 – Ernie’s been in touch with some more news!:

“Hello everyone. Here is my latest news. My Dad and his friend walked 100 miles for the Oldies Club to help more dogs find nice homes like I have. I wanted to come with them but my Dad said it was too far for me. It is now summer here, and very warm here in Kent. When my Dad is not looking I go out into the garden and eat some of his strawberries and raspberries he thinks it is the birds eating them, but I think he knows it is me because when I come in all my whiskers are red with strawberry juice. I made a mistake last week and ate one of my Dad’s red chillies from the plant and had to run in to drink a lot of water.

I have two walks on the beach every day, which I love, one early in the morning and in the evening. I usually get wet because I bark at the waves coming in and chase them when they go out, but then another one comes in and I can’t run away fast enough so I get wet. I don’t mind because I get a good rub with a big towel when I get home and a treat for being good.

I’m really happy here and hope all the other oldies dogs get a lovely home like I have.
Ernie xxx”


26/3/09 – We’ve heard from Endearing Ernie:

Hello everyone.

I now have a lovely home and my dad, who has had corgis like me for 56 years is really nice. My new mum thinks I am super. I have been on two holidays, one to where my dad was born – the Yorkshire Dales. We had a nice cottage and it was lovely and warm, and I played in the snow every day.

Last week we went to the Isle of Wight and I went everywhere with them and had nice walks on the beaches. We had meals in a nice pub and everyone made a fuss of me and a nice lady from the kitchen bought me a big bowl of meat scraps for me to eat every time we went there.

My new home is by the sea and I get nice walks on the beach every day. I have a new friend at the butchers, he gives me marrowbones which I love. I have a nice big quilt which I sleep on in my mum and dad’s bedroom so I am very very happy in my new home.

Ernie xxx