Gentleman Jake Moves In (Oldies Club)


Jake has proved what a real gentleman he is – he has even charmed the cat in his new home!
Here is an update and some great photos of him really enjoying his new life:-

“Finally I have got round to updating you all on Gentleman Jake, who we adopted from Oldies in May 2009. He is such a lovely boy and we are so lucky to have him. He settled in immediately and adapted to our routine within 24 hours! He loves his two walks a day round the farm fields, and enjoys lolloping after the birds we see. Occasionally he catches a scent of a deer or fox, and then charges off down the track for a while before coming back to me panting like an asthmatic!
Our main worry when we adopted him was how he would get on with our very nervous cat (she had been attacked by dogs before). He has been great with her, although sometimes a bit too enthusiastic and ‘in your face’! The best way we found to introduce them was to wait until after his evening walk and meal each day, when he was peacefully sleeping, and then bring the cat into the room and try to settle her on the back of the sofa. She was not amused but gradually gained confidence and now they are happy together, and she will relax around him. He knows that he should be careful with her, and if she is sitting in a doorway he waits rather impatiently for her to move before he passes through!
He is such a lovely friendly dog, who enjoys having people around. A few times we have had visitors sleeping on the sitting room floor, with Jake sleeping on his bed, watching over them. The trick is to get him up for his morning walk without him trampling all over them!
When we got him we were warned that he was going deaf and he has now almost completely lost his hearing. We are developing a system of hand signals, but it can be hard to make him look to see the sign!
For anyone thinking of adopting an ‘oldie’, I can thoroughly recommend it. They may have a few more years on them but they can be just as active, enthusiastic, friendly and loving as you could wish. We have been so lucky with Jake who is a delight to live with.
Thank you Oldies – we love him to bits!



Well it looks as though Jake is really settled and having a wonderful time – what a happy ending!