Ginty – settled and happy (Oldies Club)


We’ve heard from the daughter of Ginty‘s new owner:

Hi there, just thought I would give you an update on Ginty!

Ginty has settled extremely well, and it is so good to see my 81 year old mum with a dog in her life again! We have just spent Easter over there with our two dogs, and as you can see from the enclosed pictures Ginty was not going to be left out when we went for a walk. Despite her years, she jumped vertically when leads were produced!


She sleeps well, there have been no accidents, and she is thoroughly enjoying meeting new people and all the fuss she is getting. She has visited my father in his Nursing Home, and now has her own water bowl there with her name on it! She was also asked to go into mum’s hairdressers to be introduced, and took it all in her stride, loving all the fuss. She is absolutely excellent in the car and there have been no problems with her at all. She has enjoyed burying (and then digging up!) her chews and follows mum around devotedly.

Thank you so much for introducing us to this super little dog – and I hope that you are able to let the family of her late owner know how well she is doing.

Ginty’s first day in her new home

What a lovely update. We are so pleased that little Ginty and her new mum are gaining so much enjoyment simply from being together.