Happy Jack is home! (Oldies Club)


We’ve heard from Happy Jack‘s new owners and received the gorgeous photo above.

“Hi all at the Oldies Club, just thought I would let you know how Jack is getting on (photo attached). He has been with us 4 weeks now and has settled in fine. It took some time to get him to accept not sleeping on the end of the bed, or indeed in the bedroom but he now races upstairs at night to settle on his bed in the spare room – our compromise!

He just loves to be with someone all day long and really is superb company. He has always been active when out on walks but in case we overdid it we have been building his walks up and he now happily runs around for nearly two hours some days. He has been introduced to several new doggy friends that he is the perfect gent around, a quick sniff hello and then off to find a comfy spot to settle and watch them play. He has taken charge of the sofas and when you get up he is quick to jump in your spot where its nice and warm but his favourite place is on your lap totally covered with a blanket!

Every day still brings new funny moments, like when he sings along to the Coronation Street theme and we now understand to check his bed if we are missing any shoes, slippers or underwear!

Jack is the perfect addition to our home, we are delighted with him so thank you Oldies for finding us a good’un!

Colin & Esther”