Honey & Jenny – A Match Made In Heaven (Ark, Lincs)


Update 28/10/10 We are very sad to hear that Honey has now passed away. A friend of Honey’s owner told us:
Honey had been ill with a tumour for some time but Jenny looked after her brilliantly and Honey’s quality of life was excellent right up until the end. Honey lived to a good age for a retriever, 14, and although not overly mobile, managed a couple of good walks every day. Needless to say, Jenny will miss her enormously.

Our thoughts are with Jenny.


We have received this heartwarming story about Honey who was rehomed from the Ark in Lincolnshire after being seen on the Oldies website.

‘Honey went to live with Jenny in Salisbury some months ago and although both Honey and Jenny have some health issues, this is a match made in heaven! Honey just adores Jenny and the feeling is mutual. I look after Honey if Jenny has to go out for any length of time as Honey hates being left, and it is a privilege to have such a lovely dog around.

As a Cinnamon Trust volunteer, I often find myself assisting with walking Honey and recently I took them to the coast at Mudeford.It was a super day out for all of us.

I am attaching a photo of Honey with my terrier Zack, taken in our back garden.’

How lovely that Honey has not only found a wonderful new owner, but a new doggy friend too!