Huggable Holly is happy (Oldies Club)


Holly the Lab has come a long way since she arrived in her Oldies Club foster home back in June.  Then she was a sad and scared dog – her owners had both just passed away and Holly carried her Dad’s slipper around with her for comfort.    We had so many enquiries from caring people keen to give her a loving forever home.  Amongst those enquiries was one from a fantastic family who were just ideal for Holly and a couple of weeks ago they all began their life together.  We’ve had these updates from them.


06/08/09  “Holly is settling really well we can hardly believe it.   She is wagging her tail about 90% of the time, other bit she’s snoozing.     We went to get her a toy box and our little boy picked a lovely pink one for her, he said it had to be pink because that’s a girlie colour.   We have had a few quiet visitors and their dogs and Holly didn’t bat an eyelid. She went to say hello and then all trotted off into the garden for a good explore, with our lurcher, bringing up the rear.    We have 600 acres of country park at the bottom of the garden, perfectly safe away from any traffic….and she is loving her walks.    With the great British summer as it has been she came home wet and muddy,  guess she may not have seen mud before, she didn’t mind a bit and loved being towelled down – lots of kissing.   We let her off the lead on Monday and at first she was unsure so we popped it back on and she was fine. Later that day we did the same and she just looked up as if to say, I’m fine now..and trotted off for a good rummage.    She has made our lurcher a very happy dog,  he’s not cried or howled since Holly’s been here which is so lovely as now when we pop out we don’t have to worry about him.     We are so lucky to have her.  She is a really amazing girl and we are going to give her the best years of her life.”


13/08/09    We are just so thankful that Holly came to us, she is a very special girl and continuing to settle well, bless her.   She has met quite a few more people out on our walks and doggies too. If she feels uncomfortable she simply stays near us, we actually know when it may happen so tend to put ourselves between her and the worry for her.   She’s eating REALLY well and as she is so enthusiastic about food our Lurcher eats his food when it’s put down rather than lazily grazing all day on it, so no bad thing.   We look at every new thing as if it’s the first time she’s seeing it/hearing/feeling it.   Thanks again for all that you do”

Sounds like Holly is all set to have a wonderful life with her new family and we’re sure that her late owners would be so pleased for her.  We wish Holly and her people lots of happy years together and we’re looking forward to future updates.