Jessie the bright star (Oldies Club)

Jessie the 14 year old golden girl left her Oldies Club foster home on Monday to start a fabulous life with her new mum and dad.  We’ve heard from them today and it sounds as though Jessie has really settled in.
They write
Just thought we would let you know Jessie is a bright star in our lives.   She follows me everywhere I go including into the bathroom.  She is managing her 2 x 20mins walk a day fine and has even started to trot on the way to the lakes where she has made friends with a cross breed.  If they ever stay still long enough when I have a camera I will take some pics.     She has found a place in the garden to dig a hole and takes great delight watching me fill it back in each day.     She is loving all the cuddles and strokes she gets and has started to ask for them more often.
Thank you for allowing us to have our sweet golden girl in our lives.”

Poor Jessie was such a sad girl when  she first came into Oldies foster care and it’s wonderful to hear that she is so settled and loved by her new owners.  We’re looking forward to seeing pics of her playing with her new friend.
25/12/09  We’ve had Christmas greetings from the lovely Jessie and a new picture.  Her happy owners write  “We have all enjoyed the snow especially Jessie who had great fun rolling in it, jessie is doing well and loving her new life she now talks to you when its food time and will ask for fuss all day long given half the chance.  She enjoys her walks in the park and meeting all her friends there, she has discovered that her favourite food is cheese and ham together although she does smell cheese and onion crisps from a mile off.
jessie-xmas   Jessie after a lovely muddy walk!!