Kelsey’s in clover! (Oldies Club)


We’re so pleased to have heard from the lovely Kelsey who is really enjoying life in her new home.  This is what she has to say:

“Hi everyone Kelsey here, you may remember me on the re homing web site I was the one with “THE” ears.    I still have them and what do you think of my smart blue socks?     Silly me got grass seeds in two of my paws…. all is ok now though.    Lots of things have happened to me these last few months but I was so lucky and went to a lovely foster home before my new mistress came for me.  Now I am very happy, she thinks I am adorable – it must be those ears
again!    I think she is looking on your web site again to find a companion for me..  what fun.      Thanks again to all who helped me get here.

Happy days tail wags from Kelsey xxx”