Kim’s in blissful retirement (Dogs Trust Merseyside)


Beautiful Kim, who was previously in the care of Dog’s Trust, Merseyside, was spotted smiling on the Oldies Club website by her new owner. Kim tells her tale…

The smiling worked! After a few phone calls and a very long car journey I arrived at my forever home on the other side of the country in rural Norfolk. Now, two months on, I spend my days mucking about on the Broads, sniffing through the woods, chasing over the fields and galloping across the sand at someplace called the beach, where it’s great to run & play, but you can’t drink the water. Being a curious collie, I had to have a taste…Yuk…too salty!

Three walks a day and my barrel belly has disappeared. I have loads more energy now and often forget just how old I really am. Mr & Mrs say I’m more like 12 months than 12 years and that you can teach an old dog new tricks! I know they love me, everyone does – all I have to do is give them my great big smile and I get all the cuddles I want.

Thank you Oldies Club and Dog’s Trust for finding me my little piece of retirement paradise and remember you oldies still waiting…just smile for the camera!