Nike wins over his fosterers! (Oldies Club)


Nike came into Oldies Club foster care and charmed his foster carers so much that they decided to keep him.   We’ve just received an update and these wonderful pictures from them.   He looks so well and happy now.   This is what his family have to say about him:

Nike arrived at our house one afternoon to stay as a foster dog for a few weeks before being moved on to a permanent home.   We were told he was an old spaniel who had a thyroid condition, delicate front paws and just needed a bit of TLC, but when he arrived,  he was in quite a state.   We took him straight round to our local vets and came back with fresh medication for his eyes, feet  and thyroid  plus a bottle of shampoo to help with his poor coat and rather strong odour!


That was 5 months ago, and after many baths, lots of medication,  a strict diet, frequent walks, 2 haircuts and lots of tlc he is a transformed boy.   He no longer has BO but still has his cheeky personality, he wags his tail and has to bring me a gift, a sock, shoe, or failing that his bed, when I get home from work.


He has almost constant company from one or other of us or from one of the cats with whom he gets on very well.  


 Nike became so much part of the family that we couldn’ bear to part with him,  so now our home has become Nike’s permanent home.

He has become a well behaved happy chappie with a waggie tail, who enjoys his walks in the park, lying on his back snoring in the lounge with us and the cats in the evenings and a couple of dog treats at bed time.”


We hope that Nike and his family have a fantastic life together and we’re looking forward to more updates on his progress.