Pongo & Angel with their new friend (Poplar Farm Kennels)


Pongo and Angel found a fabulous new home after being spotted on our website. Their rehoming was arranged by the lovely people at Poplar Farm Kennels in Cambridgeshire.

We’ve received these sweet photos and the following message:

Attached are photos of Angel and Pongo on their forever sofa – Bailey (another rescued dallywag) is the one lying on the floor. Sorry for the delay have only recently got around to downloading photos.

Both dogs are well and happy, Pongo (now 12) was particularly pleased by the arrival of Bailey last year as he now has a companion to go off and do boy things with. Angel (now 13) accepted him after spending a day putting the ground rules in place. I think she is quite fond of him now but would not admit to it – she has got 2 boys to boss around and is making the most of it.


What a gorgeous trio they make!