Scamp has made himself at home! (Oldies Club)


We’ve heard from Scamp‘s new owner:

Scamp has been with us now for 2 weeks, in that short time he has managed to become a member of our family. Although very deaf and 15 years old, he is still active and enjoys a full life. Whether out walking the fields or laying on the settee, he is a joy to have

He comes to work with us each day and has his own bed in the office. All staff and visitors have taken to him immediately, he looks so cute you can’t help yourself.

The only down side we have found is that he barks non-stop at the door at 8.00am each morning. This is the time we go to work and Scamp hasn’t realised that we don’t work on a Sunday and would appreciate a lie in.

If anyone is thinking of re-homing an older dog I would recommend they don’t hesitate. An older dog has so much affection to give and they are a daily pleasure.

Thanks to the Oldies for such a wonderful gift as Scamp.