Senorita Mimi – a little character! (Oldies Club)


We’ve heard from Senorita Mimi‘s new owners:

We thought you’d like a quick update on Mimi now she’s been here nearly a week. She’s settling in well, and has made herself at home pretty quickly. She’s a real little character, and we’re loving having her around. We’ve been out exploring the local parks with her, and she loves her walks.

She’s still quite nervy around other dogs, but is getting more confident and will stop and sniff at them if they’re not too big and boisterous. Otherwise they get a good sharp yap and are sent packing by her!

Around the house she’s well behaved and when I’m at home working she can generally be found snoozing on an armchair. She sits patiently at our feet if we’re eating our dinner in front of the tv and only wants to come up onto the sofa for attention when we’ve finished. She’s started to find her voice in the last few days, but only really barks when she hears someone in the hallway outside the flat or coming to the door, and soon calms down.

A quick word about her fosterers: they were extremely helpful and gave us lots of advice for settling her in, which we are very grateful for.

All in all we’re delighted to have Mimi.

mimihome2 mimihome3

And here are some photos of Mimi at the beach: