Serene Sally’s having a wonderful life (Oldies Club)

Sally’s only been in her new home for three weeks but already she’s well settled and happy.  Her new family travelled for over eight hours to collect her and they say it was well worth every mile!  This is what they have to say:

“We adopted ‘Serene’ Sally 3 weeks ago and wondered if you care to include her on the rehoming stories on your website.    Sally is an angel.    She settled in really well to our home, she’s great with our grumpy cat, fab with the children and loves walks and trips in the car with us.

It seems like we have had her forever and we love her to bits!   She is loving, loyal and obedient and she is spoiled with affection, good food, comfy warm bed and lots of exercise.   It was worth the 8 hour plus journey to collect Sally and we are grateful to the Oldies Club and her fosterers.”

It sounds as though Sally has found the perfect home and family to love her.  We wish them all many happy years together.