Snowy Mac is happily settled (Oldies Club)


We’ve just heard from Mac‘s new owners who sent us these beautiful pictures of him enjoying himself on holiday.  They say   “Mac’s life had been turned upside down, so he was understandably bewildered and nervous when he first arrived with us. However, it’s six weeks later and he’s well and truly part of the family and a much more confident lad.

He’s been best mates with our other old boy Paddy since day one. Fortunately, as you can see from the photo, Pads doesn’t mind his new brother using him as a pillow.


He’s also grateful to Mac for teaching him some lurcher tricks, like how to chase seagulls on the beach! Mac has got some non-lurcher ways though – his recall is excellent. In fact, he’s perfect in every way when we take him out, whether it’s the park, the beach or a trip to the local pub.


He’s very good and quiet when left alone for a while, but we do get treated to his unique bum waggle dance and an out of tune song when we return. Very funny, but we won’t be entering him in Britain’s Got Talent!

The original posting for Mac mentioned slight arthiritis and a bit of deafness. Can’t say we’ve had any problems on either front. He flies through the park like a dog 10 years younger and  can hear a Jumbone packet being opened in another room!

Thanks to the Oldies Club for helping us find our Maccy boy. Can’t imagine life without him.”


Another happy ending and what a lovely story.  The bum waggle dance song and dance sounds great.