Sweet Sally stole their hearts (Oldies Club)


Sweet Sally the lurcher is thinking about how happy she is in her forever home.   When she arrived in her Oldies Club foster home she completely won over her foster mum who decided that Sally was staying for good.   Sally has been there a month now and we’ve received this fantastic update about her.

“She has been here a month already and settled in beautifully.  She is cute,charming, comical and crafty and we love her to bits.   Sally has the sweetest nature and loves everyone and every dog she has met so far, greeting  all with a waggy tail and a smiley face!    She is good at checking out people’s pockets in case there is something yummy hiding in there as she loves food and  treats. So much so we have had to raise the top of the bird table so she can’t  reach the bread I put out for them!

She gets on well with my greyhound Tru and lurcher boy Sonny  and they chase round the garden for short periods before all three, being all  oldies,stop for a breather.   Tru has shown her how to steal raspberries off the canes, and Sonny showed her where the windfall pears fall off the tree…..she is very clever and didn’t need much help with either!   She loves her bed at night  and spends most of her time during the day sleeping on the couch unless we are  out and about.    We look forward to many fun-filled years with our new girl and  our grateful thanks go especially to Fiona for sending Sally our  way.   Here’s hoping many more oldies find their forever homes in the  coming weeks”

Sounds as though Sally is well settled for a happy future with her new family.  Have a great life together!