Sweet Samson … enjoying the seaside! (Oldies Club)


August 2010 We are very sad to hear that Samson has now passed away. His lovely family sent a tribute to their special boy which you can read on his main page.


Sweet Samson was loved so much by his Oldies Club foster family that he was adopted by them earlier this year. They’ve kindly written to us to let us know how he’s getting on…..

Samson settled in nicely and quietly, coming out of his shell daily. Very soon he made his own place in our family and now everyone loves Samson and Samson loves everyone back!

He is quiet a lot of the time during the day, just checks up on you every so often, or comes to see if you will play a bit of ball before he settles back in his bed for another hour. He comes to life late afternoon and likes a bit of a chase in the yard, or a game of tug. He also loves to destroy cardboard boxes if you have one waiting to be recycled! He has that boxer charm, and a little naughty streak which is very endearing. He is so affectionate and easygoing!

We take him out every evening, sometimes just down to the local park where he recently befriended two young spaniels … and promptly followed one into the muddy nature pond!! Luckily he’s a good boy in the shower although you end up very wet yourself!


We try to take him to the woods once or twice a week and he enjoys the car ride too. In better weather we get to the country park, or the seaside…which has become his favourite place. He gets very excited when we get there and turn off for the beach. He loves it when the tide starts to go out and he can run on the wet sand, or paddle through the streams.

Recently we took him camping and he took to it very well, so we are taking him again and looking forward to several more camping trips next summer!

Thank you Oldies Club for being there to help dogs like Samson, we are very pleased we met him and look forward to some happy years with him!