Tess has learnt to live with cats! (Oldies Club)


We’ve heard from sweet little Tess the trickster who was adopted by her foster carer. We’re very pleased to hear that Tess’s latest ticks involve learning to happily cohabit with cats!


Hi to all at the Oldies Club,

I thought it was about time that I let you know how I have been getting on in my new home.

Well, I have been here for just over five months now, but it seems like forever. I have settled in very well and enjoy nothing more than snoring loudly throughout my new Mum’s favourite TV shows!

Despite a shaky start, I am now getting on very well with my adopted feline siblings- Bobby and Molly. I even enjoy cuddling up to them on the sofa from time to time, although this is usually with Bobby; Molly is a little less sociable!

I have so many canine companions of all shapes, sizes, breeds and ages that I meet regularly over the local park. I love to have a good run around with them and can usually keep going long after the youngsters have run out of energy! Most people think that I am still a puppy and simply don’t believe it when they find out that I am actually 12.

I get three long walks a day, which I love, but I certainly wouldn’t be opposed to a few more! I am particularly enjoying these Bank Holidays that you people have, as it usually means a trip to the riverside for a Barbeque with lots of new people to make a fuss over me!

People are always saying that I am a very sweet and gentle girl, which they seem surprised about given my terrier ancestry! I am still performing all of my tricks, and have even mastered a few more. I like to show these off to new visitors and definitely know how to make myself look appealing by laying my head in peoples laps and gazing up at them with my big brown eyes. This usually results in a nice treat…. the suckers!

I must just say a big thank you to the Oldies Club for all the help that you have given me. I think my vet bills could have easily left you bankrupt, but you should be pleased to hear that my skin is now much better, and since I switched to this gourmet food, my other little problem has also cleared up!

Anyway, I must go now as it’s about time for me to start harassing Mum for another walk!

I promise to write again soon. xxx

tesssmile tessrhino

01/07/2009  Tess is a star!!    We’ve just had this message from Tess’s proud owners:  “Tess went along to the Battersea Dogs Home Fun Day today and won two rosettes for the two categories that she entered for. She came third out of over 25 dogs for the ‘Veterans’ award, and won second place out of over 30 dogs for the ‘Childs Best Friend’ round, which she entered with a girl that I look after at the weekends (she has Down’s Syndrome and severe learning difficulties and Tess is fantastic with her).  I’ve also attached a picture of Tess showing off one of her rosettes. She was very proud!”


We’re very proud of Tess as well.  What a great girl and what a wonderful picture!