Toby Finds Gold At The End Of The Rainbow


We have received a lovely update for Toby who is really enjoying his new life.

‘As you know I had to travel to Newcastle from Middleton to pick Toby up and had to take my 12 year old Irish terrier Robbie along with me. The intoductions went fine and Robbie took to Toby immediately. This had been my biggest fear as I knew I would
love him but it all rested on Robbie liking Toby. It was as if they had met in a past life and I was over the moon as Toby was exactly what I was looking for’.

‘On the journey back home both my boys settled down on the back seat of the car and were no trouble whatsoever.
When we finally got home I let both the dogs set their own ground rules because they would be spending most of the day with each other. Toby sensed immediately where he
could go and what to avoid. He never attempted to get in Robbie’s bed or favourite chair but chose Jessie’s old bed and slept on the floor in front of Robbies chair during the day and in front of my bed during the night. He also knew which
ball was Robbie’s and chose one that Robbie very rarely played with!’


‘Toby was a little insecure at first on our walks staying close by me but now after 2 weeks when we go out for walks Toby has got a lot more secure in his status in our lives that he sometimes will be at the opposite end of the fields then me but he comes immediately i call his name.
He and Robbie are the best of pals and both of them are constantly at me to throw them a ball. The only reason we stop is because both the boys have a touch of arthritis and as soon as either of them show signs of pain I call a halt.’


‘I love him to heaven and back and he has made my life complete by being here.’
Thank you to everyone at the Oldies club who helped in me being able to adopt him, particularly his foster parents who did a fantastic job of looking after him.
I would recommend to anyone to consider an oldie because they are so grateful for their second chance.

Shelagh Shepherd

What a lovely happy ending!