Wee George Boxer (Oldies Club)


Gorgeous George Boxer is having a whale of a time in his new forever home.  We’ve just had this update from his happy new owners.

” Just a few line in regards to how George (“Wee Georgie”) is settling in to his new home.  George’s foster mum described him to a “tee”, nosey, loveable , bouncy , daft and yes, we love him as if he had lived with us all his life.  He gets on very well with our deaf white bitch Opal.   They charge around on the field trying to get a ball off each other. We don’t know why, but George has taken a liking to empty, orange coloured Lucozade bottles which
the footballers leave on the fields.   These are another item for both of them to charge around for.”


George has clearly fallen on his paws here and has captivated his new owners.  We’re looking forward to more updates and a picture of him and Opal with their bottles!